Today I want to fly.
Today I am tired of everything. 
I've been wanting to go out dancing to this song that is playing.
Close your eyes and open my arms 
and feel the air hit my face and I feel completely free!
Ah! I want to smile. 
Liberty makes me happy.
I can not live without my freedom, 
and sometimes cost me understand how 
I hold myself to anyone.
I continue to fly these notes sound so beautiful.
Step through the clouds, magic, 
make me feel so light and so free. 
Free love unresolved.
The warm wind makes my hair smooth 
and makes me waver tickle in the back and I smile, 
smile, smile like a happy child.
I smile because I'm free. I smile because I feel happy, 
because I want to smile. Because I'm free, 
free of extremist ideals, prejudices, racism.
Today I am free today because I feel like putting out the child 
that lives inside of me and smile freely without feeling 
ashamed to look at me. 
Today I am light and loose.
Tomorrow I can no longer be. But today I am. 
The wind drove me to a deserted beach.
The sun reflected in the sea and I smile. 
And then I lie on the sand and open arms.
Embrace the Universe and I feel good, calm, happy, free. 
I feel I can have a little bit of everything and everyone.
I begin to walk the waterfront and go leaving footprints 
that daring the waves come off.
Maybe they are right. There are past or present of my life 
that I should try to erase.
I want to delete forbidden love, passion unmatched.
But I know I still can not. Not yet.
But one thing I am sure:
I am free and my freedom I'll ever have!

With all my affection ...
Kisses and hugs colorful

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